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Super Smashfinder is a Pathfinder Second Edition live stream and podcast produced by Vanessa Hoskins and Jason Lillis. This series pits actual-play podcasting teams in 4-v-4 gladiatorial combat against each other for fame, glory, and bragging rights among their fellow podcasters.



Our first season is set in the cosmopolitan desert city of Katapesh, one of the largest cities on Golarion and home to countless markets, bazaars, and fairs. The tournament that draws our heroes offers a substantial reward: one thousand gold pieces for each team member, and placement in the Ruby Phoenix Tournament.



Each team fields four contestants at a time, 10th level adventurers from across the Inner Sea. Matches will consist of a variety of contests: zone control, capture the flag, and all-out brawls that end with the last person standing.


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Our Crew

Vanessa Hoskins

Co-Producer / Co-Host


“I’m not saying I’m trying to min-max everything, but I’m trying to min-max everything…”

Jason Lillis

Co-Producer / Co-Host


“Hello, friends! Would you like to hear about some Paizoverse podcasts?”

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