Team Rules

How to build a team

– A single podcast may only have one team

– A single network may have multiple teams if they have multiple podcasts

– A player may be on a single team, even if they are associated with multiple podcast/networks

– A team’s size is between 4-6 players, but matches will be 4v4 players (teams with more than 4 players will have one or two contestants “benched”)

– A team must have at minimum one of each type of competitor: a heavy, a light, and caster. The 4th spot is up to you.

– Anyone officially assisting with running the tournament cannot be a player on a team







Character Creation

– Players should each create a single level 10 Pathfinder 2nd edition character (their Player Character) using the standard character creation rules stated in the Core Rulebook

– A registered PC must be used, as submitted, for the entire season; some adjustments before the tournament are permitted (per Retraining Rules TBD), but a Player may introduce a new PC in a new season

– APG classes are allowed. Playtest classes are not allowed. Compatible publisher options are not allowed (at this time).

– PCs may use either the equipment assignment or lump sum rules for purchasing equipment for themselves

– No crafting; buy your gear

– No combining of resources; your gold, your gear

– Each PC may chose one region to be from (i.e. “You are from the Broken Lands region”) to gain access to some uncommon character options

– Only 2 uncommon options are available in addition to those made available by your region or build (i.e. Focus Spells are usually uncommon and unlocked with Class Feats); such options are Ancestry, Dedication, single Feat, single Spell, single Magic Item

– Consumables will be “reset” at the start of each expedition match; the final tournament may have different rules

– Spell Slots and Focus points will be “reset” at the start of each expedition match; the final tournament may have different rule

How to Win

– Some matches will be All-Out-Rumble Death Matches (clerics standing by) and have a point scoring system (TBD) to adjudicate a winner in case of time

– Some matches will feature PvP “games” such as capturing zones, capture the flag

– All PCs are considered 2 levels higher when calculating incapacitate effects used against them